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Registration Schedule
Registration Procedure
• Document for Submission : Registration form & Business License
※ Deposit(50% of total amount) should be paid within two weeks after submitting the application.
• Inquiries about the submission of application & participation in booth: Executive Office
HERITAGE KOREA 2020 Secretariat Email heritagekorea@hicogw.kr
TEL +82-54-702-1062 FAX +82-54-702-1029
Booth Types ※ 1 booth : 3m X 3m(9㎡)
Category Raw space Shell scheme booth
Price USD 1,200 USD 1,500
Features Space only
(with this option, exhibitors must apply for a minimum of 2 booth space)
Exhibition space + basic booth construction, floor carpeting, company name board(Korean/English), booth number, electricity(1kw), lighting, information desk and one chair
※ No conference table provided
Examples 독립부스예시
Additional Facilities (VAT excluded)
Classification Unit Amount
Electricity 220V Single-phase Daytime 50,000KRW / KW
24 Hours 60,000KRW / KW
220V Three-phase Daytime 50,000KRW / KW
24 Hours 60,000KRW / KW
380V Three-phase Daytime 50,000KRW / KW
24 Hours 60,000KRW / KW
Water supply Water and Sewage 150,000KRW / EA
Telephone Domestic 60,000KRW / EA
International 150,000KRW / EA
Internet LAN 150,000v/PORT
Compressed Air 150,000KRW / EA
Paid advertising Show Guide 2,500,000KRW

Heritage Korea Secretariat  
3F, Gyeongju Hwabaek International Convention Center, 507, Bomun-ro, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Tel. +82-54-702-1062   /   Fax. +82-54-702-1029   /   E-mail. heritagekorea@hicogw.kr
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